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By Santvarg
#148776 I've seen it was possible to turn into pixelmon using iChun's Morph mod.
Yet, when I go into the game and attempt it, it says it's an unmorphable mod, yet I've seen it done.

Was this changed in a recent update, or is there a setting I overlooked?
I was looking forward to being a Lucario T.T

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By JeanMarc
#148796 You can, just change in the config, set "Saves Pixelmon entities to file when world saves" to true.
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By Santvarg
#148943 It took a moment to find it, and it worked!

Thank you, You've made my day. :D

The eyeheight does get lowered. I'm gonna guess with is something I'll have to live with? ( I'd think I would have to edit the Pixelmon's code to change eye height... )
I have noticed there are different views; Ginormous level 100 Lucario's view shows as just over a block, Charmander's view is about half a block

( Now I have to resize my underground pokecenter/home... )
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By MoeBoy76
#148957 the eyeheight is set by minecraft and uses the hitbox of the entity, lots of pixelmon hitboxes are messy and incorrect so yeah, you'll just have to live with it
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By Santvarg
#148958 Oh, alright.

I'll try messing with sizes, maybe it's the very large model (Ginormous level 100) throwing it off, maybe I'll get lucky.

Thank you, though.