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By jsnbrown1989
#148713 I know that the pixelmon developers have been working with the Sponge Dev's on getting pixelmon ready, has there been any dates thrown around for Sponge release?

Is a stable version of Pixelmon going to await for not only sponge but also the essential first set of plugins to be released as well?

We all know that we need sponge to "power" the plugins and I appreciate Pixelmon awaiting that release to not shoot servers in the foot but without a healthy bit of plugins, having sponge released is about pointless (besides of course having the mod ready for the plugins as they come out).

I'm just looking at my current plugin list, the lack of developed plugins on sponge's side and the new Pixelmon beta for 1.8 and scratching my head wondering how I will have a server that even remotely resembles what we currently have.

Also, if I was to attempt to start coding (I was already looking into it before this but now I feel the need even more), those of you who learned as you worked on this mod, what resources did you use to get the hang of java and etc? I know html and css and basic php but none of the true programming languages but I would love to learn.

Can you link me resources?
Thank you so much as always,

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By Isi
#148718 Nothing to do with Pixelmon, Forge or Sponge. It's down to lazy plugin devs to port over to sponge.

I say lazy, I probably mean arrogant, going by the immediate response of the majority of excuses these plugin 'developers' have made.

Not to say they're all being like that, some have been jumping. But hey, push them to do so if you'd like. Or, if their license permits, fork their plugin, do it yourself, and tell them to get lost xD
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By jsnbrown1989
#148802 Seeing that it will be more likely for me to learn how to code and design my own plugins rather than beg, get banned, beg some more, get ignored, beg and then finally get told to shut up (not in that order).. I figured I will take the advice SPG often gives.. Want it? Do it yourself! (Usually referring to models of course..)

So.. I guess the question. I know several of the developers really learned a good bit of java and coding while working on this mod. What resources did you use to teach you? I know some have mentioned youtube in the past.. Are there any particularly good teachers?
So far I found this: ... r99.20075/
It seems useful. (This is mostly for anyone else walking down the same path I am embarking on)
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By Hiroku
#148820 I used several websites for a start, I'll list the ones I remember: ... syntax.htm

These share a lot of content, but each has some topics that aren't mentioned on the other. What I did was when I ran into issues with one part, I nagged Mr M, then when that didn't work I went to a different tutorial to see if they explained it better. Some explanations are better than others, as you can imagine. I've also private-messaged you my skype for if you have difficulties and need a hand, so don't hesitate to ask.
By TheGameAce
#148824 Ah Sponge... How I'm going to hate sponge at first... I need some plugins so badly for 1.8.... Citizens, AppleTree, SecretDoors... Hope those will be there.
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By jsnbrown1989
TheGameAce wrote:Ah Sponge... How I'm going to hate sponge at first... I need some plugins so badly for 1.8.... Citizens, AppleTree, SecretDoors... Hope those will be there.

Chances are, these won't be there for the first couple months. Which is pretty much the reason for this thread.

I guess it will boil down to this:
If you want to upgrade as soon as Pixelmon 4.1 (I believe it will be called?) is released, you had better be well on your way to either 1.) Making friends with a programming buddy or 2.) Learning java yourself.

There seem to be a few plugins that will help server owners out when we move to Sponge. Some being:
Prism (95% sure it will be out at launch from my understanding)
GriefPrevention (At some point)

I also saw mention of Towny but as I don't use that, I didn't look much into it.

I am unaware of any real Essentials replacement and I do not believe it is being ported.

Basically it will be huge changes to many if not all pixelmon servers but it is one we will need to make. How you go about doing it, well..

On a side note:
There does exist items such as this: ... ridge/1663

Which is supposedly a bukkit emulator. I'm a tiny bit confused on how this is allowed due to the licensing and all the issues with bukkit itself but. I know nothing of that legal crap so.. I'll bow out of that..