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By matrixpr
#148571 I Download The Launcher Then It say I Need To Put..


When I Put It.....It Say Failed Login

Whats The Account That I Need To Create Becose I Try And It Say Failed Login Plz AnyOne I Wanna Play !

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By JeanMarc
#148572 You need to enter your minecraft/mojang account, the same one that you use to log in on your normal minecraft launcher. You need to have premium if you don't have it.
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By Some Body
#148577 If you don't have a legitimate copy of Minecraft, Pixelmon will not work.
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By bhoqure
#148594 If you do not actually buy mine craft i do not think you deserve to play any type of mods. Minecraft is literally less than 30$ and its a one time deal where you buy it and you get all the benefits there after. Just buy minecraft.