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By blackstarhh
#148534 Hello Pixelmon and fellow server owner.

I am with my brother setting up a pixelmon server for the fun of it and we are trying to make a true copy of kanto (first gen) with all the other pixelmon.
I have been bothered with 2 things so far.

1. I would like the music to keep playing nonestop instead of having those silence moments. what we have done so far is to replace the current music with our own witch is a long medley to see if we could eleminate the minecraft sound system but we still get the silence time. if anyone got any fix for 1.7.10 version of minecraft I would be happy.

2. So I wanted to add gym leaders to the server and was like what if I put the skins into the folder maybe I can see it under the steve then. but no I wish there was a way to do that or just point on a skin somewere to use it. I donno what the Custom_RP on steve means. but the Custem_PN takes the players model and uses it.

Brock= Brock
Misty= Misty
LT. Surge= Surge
Erika= ?
Koga= ?
Sabrina= ?
Blaine= ?
Giovanni= ?

those are the only ones I gotten so far

By blackstarhh
Some Body wrote:

ty :) weird I did not find that link before myself. Edited my resourcepack and now its all showing :D lovely ty so mutch.

and I will look forward for the 1.8 then :) or else we just need to get the region jukebox fixed.
that plugin got HUGE potentials for our servers just change it from jukebox into a background song would fix it