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By UnknownHaxorus
#148304 Hey guys,

So I was thinking what new pokemon should be released for Pixelmon and why not every pokemon. Of course the last option would be a real lot of work, but because I personally think that the mod at this moment is really amazing, the most important thing should be to implement more pokemon and fix bugs. Pixelmon should have every pokemon till generation 3 (I think?). So why aren't all pokemon there? Some really fun pokemon aren't there and one of the funniest looking legendaries isn't included (Ho-oh). So i think that right now ALL pokemon till generation 3 should be released (BTW I know that there are also pokemon from generation 4 and 5, but they should first start with the pokemon till generation 3).

What do you guys think?

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By joshua_DA
#148308 pokemon has 7 letters, this dude wants to add all pokemon to pixelmon so, 7 letters of p o k e m o n x2 =14. some body replied first to his thread and his name has 8 letters so 14-8 = 6. arceus name has 6 letters in it so, arceus CONFIRMED :O
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By JamieS1211
#148309 I apologise if we come off rude but what do you think we are doing? Making furniture?

If you want to pokemon in the game you can contribute to the mod. On these forums there is at least one modelling tutorial and an animation tutorial. You want "right now ALL pokemon till generation 3 should be released" for this to happen at least 250 animation loop cycles would have to be done, and around 80 textures and around 40 models made. The process of adding one pokemon can take upto and beyond 4 months and if you check Zeecounts twitter feed you will see that there are a fair few pokemon being worked on.