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By Deo3560
#147741 Will Pixelmon 1.7 still be updated with all the features that Pixelmon 1.8 has when it's updates are released?
The reason I ask is that MANY modders have decided to not even bother updating their mods to v1.8, so if Pixelmon abandons 1.7 then many of the modpacks I have seen containing Pixelmon will be cut short of quite a few mods if we are forced to play v1.8.
Just was curious, thanks.

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#147749 Mod packs going away that have pixelmon? THAT SOUNDS FANTASTIC! all the more reason to update
By prodkid
MrMasochism wrote:Also, I have to say that updating to 1.8 was not a difficult thing to do. I'm not really sure why there's been so much resistance

It's mostly due to new rendering system in 1.8, sponge not being out yet and well, forge just pushing 1.8 to recommended.