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By bhoqure
#145553 It has been a long while since i have been on here. I have noticed lots have been updated/changed.

One question i have is about the side mod Safeplace. I have it in my server mods folder and it says its activated but i can't create a safe place. It just says use the /help command for a list of commands. I do not know why it is not working but it is not.

Also the side mod GTS will not load with my server and crashes on startup. I'm using 3.3.8 pixelmon as well.

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By bhoqure
Some Body wrote:Did you read the documentation on the wiki before posting this?

No i have not unfortunately. Last time I was on the forums was a while back and the wiki never had such a thing. I just went to the wiki and I do not see what you are talking about. If you could guide me of where this is id definitely appreciate it.

Sorry if i overlooked it.