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By Clumm
#144990 Hey guys I love Pixelmon VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!! But one thing has always bugged me... Not the bugs not the issues not the glitches but the pokeballs. They are very tedious to craft and take ages to make. First of all you need buttons so you need cobblestone and coal which takes a while to get and smelt , second you need apricorns which is fine cause you did a great job with farming them and I can get the lids easily but the wailmer pail only works once last time I checked and that may just be an issue with my computer but anyways , third you need iron ingots and they can be easy to find but very annoying to get , fourth which is why I want the mechanical anvil so very badly is because when I make hammers I make diamond hammers cause their fast but even with them pokeballs are annoying to hammer because they just take about half an hour to make 64 ultra balls when they should not when I really want to just catch all they amazing pokemon you guys have added to pixelmon but I'm stuck sitting in my house making pokeballs hammering on an anvil. Which is when the mechanical anvil comes in and saves the day I can be out catching all the cool pokemon you added while the mechanical anvil makes the pokeballs for me!!! But unfortunately the mechanical anvil has no crafting recipe so I can't make them in legitimate survival and whats the point of anvils on creative. I know I can just play with cheats and just give me the anvil but come on I always feel guilty when making thing with cheats so I like games without cheats cause cheating in cheap and I would love if the mechanical anvil had a crafting recipe but I should cost a lot of materials like maybe 1 or 2 diamond hammers a few iron blocks just any material would be worth the amazing mechanical anvil! Please in maybe a update that comes soon you could add the mechanical anvil to pixelmon cause the reason I don't play much pixelmon is because I use up so much of my time making simple pokeballs! So if one of the developers read this topic please add a crafting recipe and again It should cost diamonds so go ahead with making in hard to craft and maybe throw in a texture it doesn't have to be a good one with animations flying everywhere just a simple texture and a simple DIAMOND crafting recipe. So please add it you guys are awesome thank you for reading all this if you get this far sorry if this topic was too long or I posted it on the wrong forum and please don't disappoint me with the next update add someone awesome like maybe... Girintina just saying have a nice day! :-D

By Taonaraku
#145455 I didn't completely read your paragraph, but I got the gist of what's going on. Yes, they tend to require somewhat a lot of materials, but they're still easy to make.

It helps to enchant those diamond hammers that you're creating. If they get Efficiency and Unbreaking, the hammers will last a while and pokeballs can be made easily and quickly. I've made an Efficiency V and Unbreaking III diamond hammer and it's so fast, pokeballs will be really quick to make. Early on without diamond hammers or enchantments, it is tedious, but through your time spent playing, it gets easier when you begin to unlock these.

Again, I haven't read your entire paragraph, so I don't know if you've tried this, but in the Pixelmon configuration files, you can edit a configuration to allow finished lids and bases to be instantly replaced on anvils.

It's good that you're still required to scavenge for resources to make pokeballs and once you advance in the world, these things are less troublesome. So when you travel the map to look for new pixelmon, take the time to mine around and look for exposed coal, iron ore and bauxite ore.