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By magilla96
#137820 I'm just wondering, how do you guys plan on working with all the generations. Are you going to finish the second than third or will you guys just finish which ever you want?:P

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By vPzQuigleyx
#137821 Eventually we plan on matching the Pokemon games in terms of Pokemon, items and whatnot (although being a Generation behind in respects to GameFreak). However, I believe that currently we are not focusing on completing Gen 2 before Gen 3 etc, we are just moving towards completion however we can.
By magilla96
#137824 Thanks for the reply. i really appreciate it. I'm just so excited to see what the guys add to the game. I'm looking for to seeing ho'oh, lugia, and the three legendary dogs in this mod. That's why i was wondering what generations these guys are working on.
By Lizzy39632
#137825 Yeah they are posting threads of Gen 2 pokemon more frequently now if you looked at the feedback section.
By magilla96
#137950 Well you guys are doing a amazing job, keep focus on your goal, and i hope the upcoming updates impress all of us. Thanks for all the hard work for all of us to have fun.