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By HermitXD
#137346 I'm new to this forum so forgive me for suggesting what could have possibly been suggested quite often.

I realise most abilities are not yet coded, but I would really like synchronize on Abra(and others). More for its out of battle use, when you enter a battle with a wild pokemon using a pokemon with sycnronise first in party makes it more likely the wild pokemon being of the same nature.

Okay I realise I haven't explains that clearly but here is a TL:DR. I'm using my quiet abra (synchronize) first in my party, means there is a 50% of wild pokemon i encounter being modest also.

This is the way it works in gen 6 pokemon, not sure how early that started. I really miss it and since we can't breed yet it means i'm going through lots of pokeballs (iron apricots and hammers!) trying to get a nature I want.

While on the topic of un-coded ability's, just wanna mention how much Archeops benifits from not having his ability =P (for those who don't know, his ability lowers his att and sp.att by 50% when under 50% health.

Thoughts on how urgent this would be anyone?

I know I have another suggestion I badly wanted to mention, but i can't quite remember it right now >_< I'll post later if it comes to me.

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By KiraTsukasa
#137352 That particular effect of Synchronize began in Emerald. It's a good effect for finding Pokemon with the stats that you want.

However, I don't believe that is possible in Pixelmon. In the official games, Synchronize goes into effect when the Pokemon is generated, which is when the battle begins. In Pixelmon, Pokemon are generated long before the battle begins, which means for Synchronize to go into effect, it would have to regenerate the Pokemon when every battle starts, or attempt to read what Pokemon you have in the first position whenever a Pokemon is spawned, both of which would wreak havoc on system performance.
By HermitXD
#137353 Sounds far beyond my scope of understanding.

It couldn't work in a similar fashion to this?

Get into battle with snyc-mon out first, program(server?) rolls chance 50-50. One changes the pokemons nature to whatever yours is, otherwise it doesn.t
By KumaZone
#137354 maybe they can set it up it so that pokemon of the same nature (or in the case of some abilities, certain types) are more likely to go aggro on you if you come near them, but i dont think they can alter the spawn rates to fit an ability like that
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By JamieS1211
Rhonim wrote:Anything we want to do, we can do 99.9% of the time.

This could become possible via the NBT tags of the encountered pokemon being altered on start of a battle when your first pokemon has said ability. Also I think the devs know what the things do and if not bulbapedia exists!