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By Pixelhouse
#137288 Before you even say something, legendaries are still at their standard spawnrate of 15000.
But since 3days ago me and all the other players see see the legendary message pop up every 8minutes or so.
How are they doing that, can i track them down and how to fix it?

Thx in advance

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By JamieS1211
Pixelhouse » 14 Sep 2014 17:45 wrote:Yes i am actually, it happend since i installed that sidemod, but i thought someone said it copied the database spawnrates.. ill try and increase those thanks

Got a bunch of questions that should help us work out your issue

Did you change any rarity at all in Spawn Of Psyduck?
Do the Legendary messages come up?
Is there any biome that has had pokemon deleted from it or has 0 pokemon?
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By Pixelhouse
#137305 I changed multipe rarities, all 3rd evolutions(pidgeot, charizard, etc etc) i have set to -1 so they do not spawn.

Yes the legendary messages come up indeed.

That i have no idea, everything is standard in sop except the 3rd evolutions.
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By Pixelhouse
Some Body » 14 Sep 2014 20:12 wrote:
Read it carefully and you'll find your answer.

LOL, i feel stupid now!
Thanks for the help guys, sorry to have bothered you waisting your time for this.