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By Calumi
#137154 So how can i catch them? I can't seem to be able too and i lost 2 Legendary Birds through that...
Just throwing Pokemon midflight at them doesn't work for me and as they won't land, i'm not getting anything besides Zubats/Crobats in caves and the occasional stuck in a tree fearow...
Do i need to train myself in it? But then again i don'treally have time for that...
Maybe it's because flying is bugged with me? I can't just keep "space" pressed to fly straight up, i need to press "w"
too else i go to like 80-90 height and drop from there.

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By MoeBoy76
#137166 i would like 2 examples of living creatures (non-fictional) that have the ability to fly straight up, otherwise, not a bug it's reality
By Calumi
#137170 none of the things you two wrote have anything to do with my question...
i wanted to know how other people are able to catch flying pokemon, else i would think there would be tons of threads and this is not the case i want to know what i'm doing wrong or if it's a problem with my flying mechanic...and for me there is clearly a problem, i just don't know from which side the problem stems.
i play on rc-gamer and my main server is the only one i can fly "normally", on all the others i can't fly, even pressing space and w, but on non rc gamers server i'm able to "hover" least the it was like this the last time i tested it.

But honestly i don't care about the fly mechanics, that much...just tell me how you catch flying pokemon, i'm unable to or rather it's too frustratingly hard for my taste, if they never come down to rest for a short while~
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#137174 It just sounds like your connection is too bad to fly
Others just get on a flying pokemon and start throwing balls at them, its hard but possible
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By MrMasochism
#137197 A fair number of the flying pokemon are aggressive by nature meaning that to get in a fight with one you just need to get in their line of vision
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By Celtickitty
#137200 I find I have a similar problem with gigantic pokemon as well as flying pokemon- my ball or requests for a fight often just go right through them.

I find I have more success if I either aim for about the middle of their body or aim for their name-tag listing (e.g. pikachi lvl12 -wild). I try both either throwing a pokeball or using the R button for a fight.

When that fails, I cross my fingers and pray (lol).
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By JamieS1211
#137203 Press f3 + b to see the hitbox of entity such as pokemon. That is the area you need to hit. Also regarding summoning birds, just build a dirt cage around the alter so the bird can't fly upwards and away. Does not need to be all that big.
By Calumi
MrMasochism » 13 Sep 2014 06:22 wrote:A fair number of the flying pokemon are aggressive by nature meaning that to get in a fight with one you just need to get in their line of vision

ah i think here we have one problem, pokemon being aggressive is turned off on my server and the tip with f3+b is also interesting.
So if they would be aggressive i could just fly on a pixelmon infront of them and a fight would be initiated, would this be true for all flying legendarys, mainly the birds and rayquaza then?