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By RuddyTempest
#135992 I have an idea for a Pixelmon map, but i really need help with a few mechanics. The storyline is still in the works, but that's not important as of yet. What I need help with my ideas for stats, moves, and weaknesses/resistances.
As of now, my idea for stats uses the information from the Bulbapedia page on Pokemon by stats, as of the 6th gen, with each of the stats corresponding to a stat in the CustomNPC mod. HP corresponds to Health, Attack to Maylee, Defence to Maylee Resistance, Sp. Attack to Ranged, Sp. Defence to Ranged Resistance, and Speed to Attcking Speed. As of yet, this doesn't really seem to be working for me, and I was wondering if someone could see if they could try modifying this to work more accurately? I dont have any ideas whatsoever as to make weaknesses and resistances work. As of now, how moves work depends a lot on the functionality of the stats. Any help is much appreciated!

P.S. Can anyone see if they can figure out a way to get a version of custom npcs that is capable of using pixelmon models?

P.P.S. Does anyone know a may to get a version of morph that will work with pixelmon and custom npcs? (In the sense that you can kill a pixelmon/custom npc and be able to transform into them?