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By OneCryptickilla
#133033 Yay. I've been promoted. My Fire Team I got help with awhile ago dominates and I've convinced the wonderful staff of Monolith Gaming to let me gym sub. I need help though. I'm not the best at team building and I've really only worked with a Level 80 Fire Team, so this is awkward for me to do. Any help will be appreciated dearly!

Rock Gym [Level Cap 20] [6 Pokemon]
Aerodactyle - Obvious Choice
I honestly don't see enough *good* choices to run on this team at level 20. I need coverage for grass and water. Can I get that at this level?

Water Gym [Level Cap 30] [6 Pokemon]
I'm having trouble finding 2 more viable choices.

Basically I need help choosing some pokemon and some movesets. Its very difficult to do so at such low levels though. What is the best I can do?

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By Some Body
#133036 I'm assuming that TMs are fair game and only Pokémon that can be found at the level or below are allowed. I'm only going to suggest movesets for the ones you already know you'll use, and I'll suggest other Pokémon and see if you like them before thinking of potential movesets for them.
Rock Gym
-Stone Edge
-Aerial Ace
-Fire Fang/Hone Claws
Note that Fire Fang is specifically for 4x weak Pokémon like Scizor. If your opponent is only 2x weak to Fire and doesn't resist Rock, Stone Edge will deal more damage.

Some other Pokémon to consider:
Omanyte-Covers Rock's weakness to Ground to some point. Has high defense and may be able to tank some weaker Ground moves before striking back with a relatively high Special Attack. Also learns Ice Beam if you can predict a switch to Grass Pokémon, and if you feel like boosting, Rock Polish.
Lunatone-Learns Ice Beam and also has Levitate. Psychic helps against Fighting types. Has decent stats when many opponents are unevolved.
Anorith/Dwebble-Not weak to Ground, Grass, or Fighting and Bug STAB against Grass. Anorith has high Attack and decent Speed while Dwebble has good Defense and passable Attack.
Onix-Only Pokémon who can learn Stealth Rock within your limitations.
Cranidos-The hardest hitting Pokémon you have access to. All of its stats besides Attack aren't too great though.
Archen-Actually hits harder than Aerodactyl and has access to U-turn and a reliable Flying STAB in Acrobatics. Much slower than Aerodactyl though. Note that Defeatist is not in Pixelmon yet.

Water Gym
-Ice Beam
-Psychic/Recover/Rapid Spin
Not sure if people would be using entry hazards at such low levels. If not, don't use Rapid Spin.

-Stone Edge
-Return/Thunder Wave
If you're wondering about Return, it hits Grass types without relying on Stone Edge's accuracy. You're unfortunately two levels shy of Ice Fang.

-Ice Beam
-Two of Shadow Ball/Toxic/Protect/Aqua Ring

-Ice Beam
Offensive or defensive route, whichever suits you better.

Things to consider:
Politoed-If you can find a Drizzle one. Note that it only lasts for 5 turns in Pixelmon.
Cloyster-Spikes setup with some offensive presence and a massive Defense stat. Note that Shell Smash is unavailable to you.
Sharpedo-If you can find a Speed Boost one, Sharpedo can clean up weakened teams with high offensive stats. It's very frail though.
Feraligatr-Nice Attack and Defense stats. Can learn both Swords Dance and Agility if you want to give boosting a shot.
Lanturn-Large HP stat can tank hits, slow Volt Switch can give you free switch-ins. Thunder Wave has uses as well. Volt Absorb isn't in Pixelmon though.
Marshtomp-Electric immunity. Not fully evolved means somewhat lacking in stats though.
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By OneCryptickilla
#133040 Huh, thanks xD As the teams go up in order, they'll get alot more complicated which gives me more room to do things myself and more room for feedback as well. Thank you, this is amazing to work with :)