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By KBunny
#132594 Is there anyway to display when a legendary spawns near a person?

Like how we already get the ([Pixelmon] A legendary has spawned in the so-so biome!)
I was wondering if you could alter that for the people that the legendary spawned closest to, to say like:
[Pixelmon] A legendary has spawned near you!

I play on a server with friends and when there's 10 of us on at a given time and a legendary spawns, we frantically go flying around looking for it, to no avail. :cry:

Just asking, i didn't read up on anything about this or know if any other person has asked the same thing.

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By KuroMakai
#132612 It's not necessarily the wrong section. However after looking into just the config of pixelmon, no mods, you can only turn the broadcast on and off. However, if you find someone who can code, you could probably have a side mod made to alert the closest player.