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By Fuzz223
#11510 Ok,

so I saw in another post that people were arguing over a created modpack installer with the pixelmon in it, and I fully intended (before reading it) to create one myself so friends of mine could log onto my pixelmon server when I get it up and running.

and since you guys seem to have issue with people not asking.

I'm Officially asking you guys if I can have permission to create a modpack platform for just pixelmon, for my server, for my friends (if I can make it private, if I cant then I'll just have to settle for crappy tutorials to help them install it)

all due credits will be given, If you guys wont allow me to do it, why not create a pack platform for tekkit yourselves?

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By MrMasochism
#11545 you can make a private one for you and your friends. What we don't want is someone hosting pixelmon off another website. If you don't open up your pack to the public you can do what you want
By therealkeg
#13693 Then make it officially hosted?

Myself, and I'm sure many others, found this mod via the tekkit modpack listings (it has since been removed).

Coupled with the fact it's "copy and paste this url into the tekkit launcher to install", it would cut down a number of posts having trouble setting up the mod. SMP would still have it's own share of issues of course.