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By stillguitar
#9949 why does this great mod not have any social media sites such as facebook,twitter, etc., for the fans to know when a update for the mod is coming or a peek at the update for the mod a few weeks a head of the release?

By Xwaffle
#10235 I love Facebook and Twitter... we should make a Twitter though. I think it would actually be useful. #IdBeHappyToStartOne #IdLoveToRunIt #ModerateIt #YOLO
By Vikerus
#10313 I was going to set up a Pixelmon contributors groups or something of the sort. Mainly to get talent to head our way. I can definitely see us setting up two different groups. One for showcasing the mod. The other for gathering coders and modelers. So if he wants to set up one I can do the other.

I know for now I can set up a steam group. Seeing as I have over 250 friends on there. I'm sure some of them are bound to be interested.