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By shadowolf96236
#8624 not posting this under mapping since I've barely gotten started, but for my newest youtube series i'm doing a pixelmon-rpg using custom npc mods to enhance the thrill.

my question is if I were to create a full rpg based pixelmon map would you folks wanna play it?
heres how I plan it right now.

Story line involving pixelmon
Boss npc's - these would be really tough mobs that would drop rare items but also respawn after a certain amount of time (kind of like a MMO)
repeatable daily quests - these would include hunting down certain mobs and turning in drops to gathering resource
one time quests - these would be used to progress through the story line

mini raids- small tribes or villages of either hostile or neutral npc's with a boss at the end
most likely will be part of repeatable quests

full economy - mobs will all drop different amounts of money and your home kingdom will have shops in which you can buy gear.
if interested in seeing how this would kind of play out you can check out my youtube video

By shadowolf96236
#8725 sweet deal. I'm probably going to release a demo version of it later tonight or tomorrow, to see some reactions to it, instead of putting a ton in time in finishing it with no one enjoying it :P but I can assure you it will be fun =D