By linksapprentice22
#212501 I would like to develop mod using that uses pixelmon as a dependencies that prevents pokémon from spawning in the vanilla dimensions and instead includes them all into a separate lategame dimension. I’m interested in undertaking this because I love pixelmon, but I wish it could be added to mod packs without it being the only focus of the modpack. I’m not going to undertake this without express permission from the dev team, and I would wait until 1.18.2 support is eventually added (not that I think that is anywhere in the near future, and I’m not going to complain about that, you guys are awesome and have done a great job with 1.16.5).

By linksapprentice22
#212505 I would also be adding in biomes specifically for Pokémon in the “pixelmon dimension” or whatever. I’m not too concerned with logistics. I just want to know if the devs are ok with side mods that aren’t official and that don’t have their oversight. Thank you for such a quick response by the way!
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By SKyTheThunder
#212506 Custom sidemods are actively encouraged, with a public API linked on our download site. I'm not sure you'll need any actual modding though, especially with 1.18 making the fundamental Biome definitions accessible via Data Pack.