By Ulfheiden
#212252 I'm using Pixelmon 9.0.7 currently and I'm working on a custom map. I'm trying to create some custom shopkeepers but I can't seem to find the correct config files to do so. Everything I've found online is talking about the old .json file method for editing shops.

Is there a method currently in Pixelmon 9.0.7 to be able to edit shops?

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By SKyTheThunder
#212253 In 9.0.x the old External JSONs have been rolled over into Minecraft's native Data Pack system.

You can override or add to the respective files by adding them to your Data Pack under the correct path. The default ones can be copied from the mod file (opened like a zip archive) under "data" and edited in your pack as you see fit. Shopkeeper files specifically are be found under "data/pixelmon/npcs/". The files themselves work the same as they did before.

The Minecraft Wiki has guides for Data Packs:
Creating: ... _data_pack
Installing: ... _data_pack
By Kirisuto
#212918 Excuse me, i'm currently new in "datapacks" world, and i'am bit lost with it even with the current examples in the links you send, could you send me a simple example? i'm trying to make a server with some friends and we want to add some specific items
(our version its 9.0.10 also)