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By Leyokii
#194448 Hi! I'm currently working on a pixelmon server closed with friends and while thinking on ideas for make it fun I came up with this possible addition for the mod itself.

I've serached and neither on Pixelmon itself nor on Pixelmon extras there's something like this: a /pokeshop command.

Using the current system, command shops could be set as a different kind of shop on the NPCs folder, just like the Spawn traders and the other 2 types of shops, so you could have multiple types like "/pokeshop rewards" and "/pokeshop MuiscDiscs". (Just for example)

This could be used in servers to provide rewards to certain users or in my case, use Custom NPC's to open certain shops after some quest has been realized as a reward to the player.

Seen there's a /pc already, I hope I'm not asking for too much.

Thanks for reading and hoping to get some feedback at least.


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By Rasgnarok
#197881 So basically, opening the shop GUI of a specific shopkeeper listed in your external files. Could probably be added to PixelExtras, but that would be up for the devs to know.
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By happyzlife
#198375 I managed to add this feature in the server-side of my new sidemod, I'll let you know when it will be available for download.
Basically you can type /pokeshop <shop> to open a json-based shop. You can manage them through the external json file.