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By Rasgnarok
#189696 Unsure if anything changed, but since BETA10 rolled around, NPC Trainers have been wildly spawning everywhere. Now while this is not an issue in itself, the PokeDollars reward that they give is an issue. The wiki states that the amount is determined by the "Trainers' types and the levels of their Pokémon", but for servers, the value of PokeDollars varies from administration to administration.

What I propose, is a config option that allows you to set a multiplier to the PokeDollars rewards (so that if servers a want to disable it altogether, they can do so by setting it to `0x). That way, we do not need to completely disable all NPCs in the config (because we can't unilaterally disable Trainers through the config), or deal with the walking piggy banks as we have now.

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By urbymine
#189697 I second this , as someone looking to push an economy with significantly different prices this would be great luxury to have.
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By Pokenerd8
#189888 i would agree too, really hard when you have adventure server and try to get the right amount of money to the players and suddenly they have 300k in the 4th or 5th town they ever see