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By SnowBlitzz
#174308 # Sets NPC rarity. Higher values spawn NPCs (Trainers, tutors) more often, 0 spawns no NPCs.

Currently they are linked as one. So if I set npcRarity up, both trainers and tutors will spawn. I would like to be able to customize this and have separate config options for them.

I am aware there's another config option for move tutors:
# Allows move tutors that teach event moves to spawn naturally.
However I have it to false but they still spawn. I think it can have two meanings
1. move tutors spawn but not those that teach event moves
2. move tutors wont spawn at all
number 1 is more likely to be true, from what I understand, plus testing.

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By MrMasochism
#176019 What I'm doing, and have almost finished is to separate out the npc spawning from pokemon spawning. There'll now be a config option in the main config which specifies number of npcs per eligible chunk to spawn and the npcs.json has a rarity section to set rarities of different types of npcs