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By SKy2008
#189942 The idea is good. I very much like that you didn't just copy the tower they use in the original games, but picked another quite valid approach. The mountain itself doesn't look half bad even.
You'll have to work on the actual buildings though.

For once flat surfaces never look natural on terrain. The top of the mountain and the flat sides should be rounded off or jagged up a bit. Maybe a bit of snow for the very top (creates the illusion of incredible height).
Then the path. I very much like the idea of a path winding up the mountain. However the way you did it looks rather unstable, protruding that far from the mountain's flank, with only the occasional thin fence holding it in place.
I'd suggest narrowing it to to be roughly 2 blocks wide and cut a bit into the rock, instead of just being added to it. Like, adapt the terrain a bit so that the path makes more sense. Additionally you should use some sturdier blocks every like 3-4 spaces to support the path and anchor it to the mountain. Something like logs or different wood or maybe stair blocks anchoring into the side of the mountain diagonally.

And then there's the actual shrine. Your design is very basic. You may want to look up a few temple/shrine designs to inspire you for a new version. :)

Lastly there's the problem that structures are harder to spawn in the bigger they are. Ignoring the lag something this massive would cause while generated, it's actually pretty hard to integrate it into existing terrain. Will it have enough free space so we don't have a visible edge from its base? Does it cut into terrain or does terrain cut into it? And if so, wouldn't that partly destroy/obscure the path?
A dev would have to look into that first.