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(I need asistance) Gleemering Cavern

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2016 18:57
by thecreeper24
This is a cavern based on diance,if diance is ever added this would be a good place to find it. this cave would be super rare and only 2 would spawn in each world but i would want to add a new item called the Crystal Map it locates the cave The recipe would be 1 ruby,1 sapphire,a compass,a map,and 5 diamonds.and it wouldn't matter how you put it.
Images Are Here:

What Pokemon Spawn in The Cave?:
Diance (If added)

1 Secret Chest with alot of valuable treasure
2 Pokeloots

Download: Coming Soon

Gleemering Cavern

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2016 05:36
by SnowBlitzz
Seems too plain for a place Diancie dwells. Diancie's lair is supposed to be sparkly and filled with gems/diamonds if you've seen the anime and want to base it off that a little, slash get inspiration from. Looking at the screenshot, it seems to be a flat-top pyramid with an entrance :ninja:

Gleemering Cavern

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2016 14:40
by thecreeper24
oh ok thanks for the advice i'll work on it and come up with a better product,i will look at the cave from the anime and try to make resemble it :D