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By TheMaper
#173318 So I've decided to spend most of my weekend to build Seafloor Cavern.
While working on this build, however, I ran into a few problems.
#1: Spawning: currently I have Seafloor Cavern spawn in no biomes because, spawns seem to go off the top level of the ocean which is flat, causing the spawning to see no obstructions and go crazy. It took a long time to finally load in and was constantly using 99% of 4gb of my ram and by the time I finally got in and I had Seafloor Caverns hugging each other everywhere. Is there a way to restrict the spawning to only occur once?
#2: I've tried lowering the rarity for issue #1, but without other things spawning in the ocean, I don't believe that'll help? If I made a few snapshots of small "relics" and put those in as well would it make the Seafloor Cavern stop spawning like crazy?
#3: I would like to know if anyone who has skill using command blocks could give me a command that would A). Detect for Kyogre. B). Detect if the player is within 50 blocks or so of Kyogre. C).If both of these are detected, delete the pixelmon spawner (I can give you the chords of it) and delete itself.
#4: Not exactly an issue as I'm almost there but, I would like this build to spawn without looking awkward. (Cutting a giant square in everything). I've tried going around the edges and filling them high with gravel. This almost works except for just a few blocks. Not really a big issue but if you've got a strategy to make spawning more flush let me know.
Thank you for reading!

Now lets get into Seafloor Cavern.
Sorry for the particles. I only took a few pictures this time, as it's only the first release and still needs lots of work, but as always here's the album

Water Stone Ores
Three Hidden Pokeloot
One "rare" Treasure Chest (I wonder what's inside!?)

Common (Spawn Rate: 20) Krabby, Horsea, Remoraid, Qwilfish, Staryu, Corsola, Mantyke.
Uncommon (Spawn Rate: 10) Octillery, Lanturn, Mantine, Wailmer, Seadra.
Rare (Spawn Rate: 1) Kabuto, Omanyte, Anorith, Tirtouga.

This one's a little different than my others. You will need to use ./struc seafloorcavern while in an ocean or deep ocean biome inorder to spawn it in. Currently I do not have any biome set for spawning. Anywas here you go > ... .

Before you go! A random question for you, do you know how to make underwater grass/kelp? I've tried, leaves, and green blocks but neither looked very good and I'd like to have underwater grass in this build. Anyways, any feedback is much appreciated!