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By TheMaper
#171950 It has been a long time since i've posted on anything Pixelmon related, however, after many months of trying to build a custom map and finally losing motivation (for the 5th or 6th time) I have decided to release a few of my builds.

[Update]: Noticed the download was not working so I've updated it. Sorry for the inconvenience! I've also changed the ground texture to grass and added sunflowers to it as the new spawning place is sunflower plains.

Screen Shots:
Image Image Image Image Image Here is the full album is you want a full view around ( )

I've worked a while on this build as I really like Rayquaza and wanted to build something that would represent his glory. I designed the sides of the build to match his green color, and the back to represent the yellow pattern found on his body. For the inside I took inspiration from the new Sky Pillar from Omega Ruby, while keeping some floors similar to the old Sky Pillar in Pokemon Emerald. Currently I only have the building built so far as I originally felt continuing any part of my custom map was a waste of time, but if someone wants me to build the island and cave I'll see if i can get around to it. I've not placed any trainers or npcs inside.
Pokemon Spawning
Banette, Claydol, Dusclops, and Mawile will be added when they are available.

As for items there are currently 3:
-Tm 157 Dragon Pulse: FL2 Window.
-Dragon Fang FL7 Behind a boulder.
-Dragon Scale FL7 Also... Behind a boulder.


If you have any questions or comments let me know. Remember it's my first post (my last was when Pixelmon used Minecraftforums) so if I've made any errors I'm sorry.
Edit:I'll be editing this post as I figure stuff out on here : ).
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By MrMasochism
#171963 That looks pretty awesome. I suggest putting it in snapshot forum. The wiki has a page on the psnapshot command which is how you create the snapshot files. Then what you do is turn external structure json files on in the pixelmon config and add your structure to the structures.json file that will turn up in your /rootfolder/pixelmon/structures folder and follow the rest of the layout to stick your structure in. If you do that and then generate a new world your structure should spawn in the world with all the spawners and pokeloot intact. That will give you the chance to see how it works in game. If it works fine, post the snapshot file up here along with your structures.json entry. I'll happily create a special spawning block for legendary pokemon so that rayquaza can turn up at the top with whatever limitations we decide on
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By TheMaper
#171965 Master Edit
After many attemps, I've been unable to fig- ... (stops typing and looks structure.json... notices I missed 1 comma, (cries :cry: )) Scratch that, It works! I had copied the last structure in the .json and pasted it with my information but because it was the last one there was no comma after the bracket like the others so it didn't work. -Maybe I shouldn't try learning C++ XD