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By Pokenerd8
#170867 Hey guys, :) i'm not dead but i am busy with several things and since i am waiting on other things that need to be done, i decided to work on something different.

few things to post here is that this star temple suppose to be for Jirachi.
I know.. Jirachi is not in game nor will it ever be in a long time but i wanted to work on one of my favorite legendary's temple idea for everyone to see. maybe start getting ideas for how other legendary pokemon could spawn as well.

Next thing is that the building not 100% complete, i wanted to get more feedback and see if people/devs would like the idea of having something like this in game and to be able to do final touches. atm the middle was suppose to have been a cave leading down to jirachi
and the door would only open during the night. but figured people would grief this so didn't think it would really do anything.

if your wondering what that scribbling is on the floor, that was me trying to do all 12 zodiac symbols lol..

star temple
By HackRomer
#170871 So beautiful structure! :-o I like it so much. I don't know if there is problem with the size for the generation of it but, it's amazing. Well, if this is for Jirachi you can add a temporal event (I don't know if that can be made in Minecraft, you can detect the night but how about the days?) cause Jirachi "awake one week each 1000 years".
Well, I don't know but I like the structure. Only one thing, about the gold blocks in the ground of temple, I think this is a high loot (yes, they look great but the players will mine them xD). And one more, only if you are thinking add PokeLoot (based in the Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver event): MT Psychic, moon stone, star piece, bones. Only a few of ideas, I hope to see more :-D.
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By Pokenerd8
#170888 Thank you :) but yea i am aware of how valuable all the blocks are but i could not think of a better block to use as the clay too dark for the sun and wool might look funny :P but i will try to experiment with the blocks.

For Detection i was going to add a daylight sensor and switch it to detect night time. and when it does the 12 glowstone on the floor would have pushed up one at a time (like a clock) and open the cave door... except i forgot this will be in survival and ain't nobody got time for that xD they would just grief it which is why i posted it here lol, i like the ideas people give/suggest me :)

As for loot i would do it once i figure out what to do with the cave and how i wanna make it :P i won't wanna make a mess and hand it over.
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By CritsAreFair
#172219 It looks pretty amazing but I feel like structures shouldn't spawn with large amounts of gold blocks like that. People look at that and see nothing but rare candies, and that kind of takes away from the purpose of the structure (not to mention being pretty overpowered). How does it look if you replace the gold blocks with glowstone?
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By Pokenerd8
#172241 i could do that :) ill try it out whenever i get more time.