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By lightningo7
#185263 Hello everyone,

If you've been active on the forums lately, you may have noticed that gyms are being worked on. So, a couple things I'd like to mention about the current development.

1). We have a lot of great submissions to go through, and it will be some time before we perfect them all to the best of our capabilities. In order to speed up the process, we ask that those who made the gyms could also provide a Gym Leader skin, the name of your Gym Leader, and dialogue for the leader, as well as the trainers.

Gym Leader names should be original, and not from any existing Pokemon games. Same goes for textures. Textures stolen off the Internet will not be accepted.

Dialogue is optional. All we are really concerned about is dialogue. However, if we get dialogue from the community and it is good, it can make the whole process a lot more efficient.

2). As stated before, we have a lot of great designs, but unfortunately we are still missing gym types.

Here are the gym types we have, how many of them we have, and the gyms we do not have:

******* GYMS WE HAVE *******
-Normal: 1
-Water: 3
-Grass: 3
-Steel: 1
-Ice: 2
-Fighting: 1
-Psychic: 1
-Fire: 2
-Flying: 2
-Rock: 1
-Electric: 1
-Ghost: 2
-Ground: 1
-Dragon: 1
***** GYMS WE DO NOT HAVE *****

If you are looking to build a gym, we HIGHLY recommend that you build a gym with the typing of either Dark, Bug, or Poison.

If you have already built a gym, and it is not those types, you can either still submit it or attempt to convert it to a different type.

It is not recommended to submit gyms for types that have 3 or more gym variants.

Gyms can be submitted here: viewforum.php?f=160

3). When you submit gyms, the team would prefer World folders over snapshots. It makes it easier on our side.

4). You do not need to develop a list of Pokemon that will appear in the gym (unless you have already done so). We have already handled it to have a good variation of Pokemon amongst all of the gyms.

5). As a reminder, keep gyms to a maximum of 30x30. Place trainers where you think they ought to be. Overall, have fun with it.

Good luck, Pixelmon Community.
- lightningo7

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By TheOmniAdam
#196546 Might be good to add to this list that gyms should have room for 4-10 Trainers including the gym leader- a lot of the submissions I've seen are really good looking single rooms with space for a single fight with the gym leader and maybe a lackey on the way in the door- they look great and obviously had work put into them but aren't really what the submissions are supposed to be about.