Forum rules: 
  • Limit the usage of rare blocks such as:
    • Gold
    • Iron
    • Redstone blocks
    • Lapis lazuli
    • Ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, crystal
    • Diamond
  • Don’t overuse wool; looks fluffy!
  • No plagiarism; all work must be all your own.
  • Gyms must be no larger than 30 x 30.
  • Be creative! Use a range of blocks and styles; boring builds don’t get accepted.
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By TacticalTickler
#197981 Hey all! I am here to provide you with a guideline for building structures. We must follow these guidelines and build to the best of our ability to supply Pixelmon with new and awesome builds to be generated into the world! The main focus is to get different types of Towns or Villages for each biome group.

The restricted blocks are:
- Gold
- Iron
- Redstone blocks
- Lapis lazuli
- Ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, crystal
- Diamond
- Beacons
- Enchantment Tables

We are very against stealing other people's work, so be creative and make sure all work is your own. If you steal another person's structure, we will ban your account. Also, refrain from using too much wool.

Now for the real talk about the work. We plan on a town for each biome group as mentioned above. We want the town in the plains biome to look different from the town that would generate in the mesa biome. The idea is to make sure each town is unique and provides basic buildings to players, such and a PokeCenter, a Market, and even a park of some sort with benches and other little features! Pathways will be included in all this.

Requirement for each structure:
- Each structure must be NO larger than 10x10 (special builds can go up to 15x15)
- Structures should NOT consist of any restricted blocks mentioned above
- We will not be building each town as a whole town, each structure will be built
alone and separated from the rest of the structures. They must be able to combine
with each other to make different towns.
- Working with the Structure Team means you must work as a team and follow
along with the team leader

If you are interested in helping the Structure Team create new structures for the mod, please first submit your town structures to this forum. Remember to include screenshots and a description of each build you make. Make one thread per type (so all your houses together, for example).

If you have any questions, join the PixelmonMod's discord to seek feedback and help.
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