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  • Gyms must be no larger than 30 x 30.
  • Be creative! Use a range of blocks and styles; boring builds don’t get accepted.
By DEdinosaur
#170365 I have created a house for the map is planned to be made by the creators of Pixelmon, link here:, but I unfortunately cannot PM. As a solution, I've posted to see if this allows me to PM, though I believe it requires the entry of a Minecraft password. Anyway, I do have some images, so I'm open to suggestions about it.
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By MoeBoy76
#170370 To PM you need 10 valid posts, this is a spam prevention feature, to post images you should upload them to an image sharing site such as imgur or gyazo and get the bbcode link from there
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By Some Body
#170408 Replies count. However, do not spam post to get to 10; useless posts will get deleted.