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By AsylumDreams
#167720 Team name / existence
Rival/s if any
Trades available
Should breeding be available / commonplace
Legendaries - any legends that should take a focus - how does it relate to the religion
Landmarks - any particular areas of note in the map
Technology branding - There's been Silph and Devon and so forth. Whom do we have?

And ... storyline :ninja:
Kinda :party:
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By SKy2008
#167722 We could have "MM Technologies", a company in the service sector, working in research and development in about every section of Pokemon related technology. Be it Silph, Devon or Pokétch, you're usually going to find some MM employees there, making sure that they don't screw up.
CEO would be a certain "Mr. Masochism"... ;-)
By mcstreet
#167753 Maybe like mew has protected the area for millions of years but then something summoned all the other legenderies ( I don't really know how) and mew fought them and froze them in time