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By SKy2008
#167274 I've been thinking around the world a lot lately (as should be obvious looking at my activitiy here) and now wanted to share what I came up with.

This is based on the "two continent" concept. Since two landmasses of that size would be pretty huge for a playable area I shrunk it down to two sides of a gulf. That way we still have two opposite shores with quite a bit of ocean in between, but much closer to the usual region size. This also fits the "multiple states" concept, as each side can easily belong to another state.


As you can see, I arranged the biomes in a way that makes sense. The far north has snow biomes (incl. extreme hills), with the different taiga biomes for transtion. Plains and mixed forests cover the rest of the northern side, with the roofed forest biome to be found deep inside the woods.
The southern part mainly consists of the warmer biomes. The base here is savanna, with jungle to the east and outright desert in the southwest. The mesa biome fits here as well and brings some variety. The north-east shore is covered in swampland, caused by the excess water from the jungle's heavy rain.

The flying island in the middle of the map is based on my idea of the first Pokemon being placed here.
SKy2008 wrote:After Arceus and his helpers created the world, they chose a location on their planet and placed the very first wild Pokemon there. This location lies within the region known as Pixilia (yay for including poll results!) and from here Pokemon began to populate the entire planet, adapting to various habitats.
The very first Pokemon would have been Mew - so we'd have a location to find it in. Also that would make the region something very special, explaining why every known Pokemon species - including ALL legendaries - can be found there. Plus once we get Arceus and the Creation Trio, we'd have a place from which to acess their plane of existence as well.

This would be the place it happened. I chose a flying island for a few reasons: First it isn't easy to access. Sure, the Pokemon world has planes, helicopters and other flying machines and you can always hop on your flying Pokemon and go there. But it is miles out above the ocean - basically in the middle of nowhere - and inhabited by wild Pokemon. So probably as hard to access as can be. Secondly it is a place "touched by gods". Some unnatural features like that underline its importance. Also someone suggested it as a general map idea before. I liked the concept, but wanted it to have a cause instead of "just because, duh...".
A few scientist ships could be anchored around/below, basically forming a "town" with a pokecenter, a shop and some NPCs (also potential story line). The island itself would be completely wild, sporting no ruins or something, but rather unnatural rock structures.

Apart from general ideas I haven't thought that much about the cities and population. The 8 gym towns could be strategically placed though:
North: somewhere in the snowy area (ice); edge of extreme hills (rock/steel/dragon); inside the forest (grass/dark/ghost); at the shore (water)
South: shore near the swamp (poison/water/ghost); deep inside the jungle (bug/grass); the edge of the mesa (ground/rock); the edge of the desert (ground/fire)
The island next to the northern part would be owned by the pokemon league. It houses the league itself and a bigger town that formed around it (maybe using styles from all around the region?).
The northern territory has coal and iron mines - everything you need for heavy industry - but the only bauxite mines are located on the southern part. That way the two of them, in order to sustain their industry, had to sign a trade agreement. That's also why they're counted as one pokemon league region.

That's about it for now. Please tell me what you think.
Also, I'm sorry if you're already working on a different map concept.
By Dme53
#167303 Personally I approve, you definitely put a lot of time into that map. Although I don't know if they will follow it exactly I hope they'll at least some suggestions (The god island for instance)
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By SKy2008
Sparkydalmtion wrote:Quick question, what program did you use to make this? I would like to give it a whirl myself :-D

Photoshop CS6 - though at that quality level (>10min) I could have used any other program as well...
Also used my drawing tablet (wacom Intuos Pro Medium). Drawing with a mouse is hell...
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By Sparkydalmtion
#167421 :P :P Thank you! Though i might use world painter :P ! Your concept is a pretty good one, though one thing i would like to nitpick at. One, i think the region is quite small for two sides of a gulf. I am one of the ones who proposed the continents idea, and while yes, it may be too big, each continent could easily be scaled down to size. thinking along the lines of Pokemon Super mystery dungeon (In my opinion, mystery dungeon games have much better and in depth geography then mainstream games,) 5 continents could only be, say, 3,000 blocks each, with 5,000 blocks for a larger one. Yes, this is still a very large proportion, but minecraft has something that pokemon really doesn't: exploration and depth. Larger area means more work, but much more interaction with the environment, and i think the pixelmon devs would go that extra mile :-D . As for lore, i like it, and here is my idea of the gyms (Again going off Pokemon:Super Mystery Dungeon0
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By SKy2008
#167439 I was thinking about a final map size of 10kx10k. Keep in mind that the map above is a very rough sketch. Add countless bays, beaches, cliffs and small islands/sand banks along the coast; add a hill here and there, rocky plains, rivers, waterfalls, one or two volcanos... "Small" and "boring" can easily be removed.
At the other hand, a 5k continent can't really be called "continent". That's more like a medium sized island along the lines of Hoenn or Sinnoh. If you really wanted to make a believable continent you'd have to go 20k+ for one. And that's too much for a single map.
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By Sparkydalmtion
#167444 Yes, i understand what your saying and i actually really enjoy your idea! But, I don't know what it is about the idea of continents, it just seems natural, you know? Anyhow, I hope both of our ideas may be combined- One continent with a few islands with towns on them, then incorporating your gulf into the continent.