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By hi_death
#166900 Hey, I don't have TOO much time (depending), but I have lots of experience using World Painter (Custom World Generation tool), and with hands-on building (with & w/out world edit). So if there are things that need building, I can probably help :-)
By MamaCatGaming
#167489 Heyo AsylumDreams
I have some questions about the world that you are making. the first one is do you know what type of style that you will be looking for the different towns/Gyms? I understand that the community will have the choice in the matter, but just off the top of your head would you have a style for the filler areas if you had to chose them? also are you going to have a time in the future that you will reach out into the community for builders to help you? I am not "looking" to have a big part of making the server as I tend to be kinda shit at the bigger builds unless its like a tower or something and I am very much at eases at the filler builds and town making. also can't wait for the project to start rolling.
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By AsylumDreams
#167711 Answers to these questions are in the stickied threads.

Community is deciding the aspects - admittedly the ones I offer up - and builds can be submitted via the build comps which will run from either the first or second week of Feb.