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By GhostXavier
#165867 World constructor here.

I have extensive experience in creating custom terrain and maps, including export with mod specific blocks, up to 16k x 16k blocks. Call it self-advertisement/pride, but I'm confident in my ability to craft a base map in a timely manner. I will use my cancelled project as support for my 'resume'.

With my current Pixelmon map nearing completion I can divert attention to helping the team & community with this project in a significant way involving terraforming (if I may of course). I'll be away for two weeks directly after Christmas (Specifically 27 DEC - 9 JAN) but if there's anything I can do to help out with the terraforming of the world, please let me know. I am very interested.

Edit: Should have included this earlier. Would the region have its own, special town with an architectural design separating it from the rest of its peers? What I mean by this for example, is that Ecruteak had an Eastern design that separated it from the majority of Johto. What would the specific architectural theme here be if chosen to have one?
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By Santvarg
#165878 I feel the world would be very incomplete without a proper ice area, which I felt might be overlooked.
Of course, it should include a town and gym.

Also, out of preference, it'd be nice to have a snow/ice-capped mountain, a Extreme Hills+ biome. If a story is included with all this, there should be a flat-ish area close to the peak, for a storyline event.
( Inspired by Lucario's entrance scene in SSBB )
By Olen7
#165912 In regards to the builds, would it be acceptable to use an exterior and then a teleport system to the interior somewhere else? I ask this because the game's buildings often have a bigger on the inside look to them.
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By Theregan
#165939 I honestly think that we should hail to the old game's features, such as a Game Corner that involves buying Porygon, since I'm guessing that you can't craft in this format. Also, a Dark type gym in the Nether?
By ComfyCapitalism
#165945 I'm a simple woman. I am willing to do the jobs that many other builders detest. "Filler buildings," flats, structures; to make a town look more like a. . . well, town. I have been building for three, going on four years now; and would love to contribute my skills to the people I love. If needed, I can give some pictures of my past experience.

And If I don't make it; The best of luck to those who do. I can feel that this is going to be a big project.