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By AsylumDreams
#165151 This is the thread to subscribe to be kept up-to-date with all of the official progress.

A rough outline of upcoming polls and build competitions can be found below allowing you time to prepare if you so wish and hopefully inspiring you to suggest other features for us in the discussion thread.

Polls | Show
Type of land mass Single natural continent
Name of continent Pixilia
Climate Sunny
Style of continent No set build styles
Governance No over-riding government. Localized office
Infrastructure Moderate - major roads, limited open technology per town
Population density High population density
Theme of town names No theme
Native Pokémon found All available, though not all in wild
Trainer methodology Starters available post-login
Populace characteristics Mixed attitudes
Religion Worship of various pokemon
Major industries Pokemon breeding, crop farming and mining, with a mine / city focused on evolution stones
Travel system An accessible rail network, with walking being the mainstay for adventuring
Professor A revered character in the world but not an apparently central figure as in the games
Starters Steel / Rock / Fire trio, in keeping with a focus on mining in the region and for type-relation attack / resistance similarities. Beldum / Larvitar / Chimchar as starters for the two-way type relations and kinda all high-end statlines.
Gym / Elite format Something more than just straight up battles
Gym / Elite types Moderately difficult / testing but not full on PokeNerd levels
Post-Champion areas Highest response here was for my secret map. Said as a joke but it does actually exist. So ... This shall be thought about
Team name Mix of teams, one seeking to take over the country, another seeking domination via pokemon
Rival/s Yep. 100% on having one. Will have a number
Trades Trades will be used as the only means of acquiring some pokemon
Breeding A single place that must be discovered / you will be led to by exploring
Legendaries A sideline focus on Mew
Landmarks Major interest here was in a waterfall, and shrines. Then some interest in caves and forests. Simples
Technology branding MM Technologies
Storyline Ssssh. Secret

Schematics | Show
Poké Marts
Poké Centres
Path to victory
Hall of fame
Legend areas
Sea routes
Cave systems
Submarine environments
Urban areas
Safari zones
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By AsylumDreams
#166230 Slight update people - few issues causing me to be AWOL for the last couple of days.
Will be back on it from the morrow ^_^
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By AsylumDreams
#167712 Polls list updated #4

Good to see that the feedback / ideas generated are gaining force. Hopefully this will have pushed people into embracing the upcoming build competitions a bit more.

I'm aware that compared to the other fan-led ... aspects that have launched this has been something of a slow starter but as having this be something the whole community is a part of has been a mainstay of the idea there's been a need to allow the time for people to participate.

Some great ideas have come to light that are sure to make a great map - and whilst some will require plugins which are outside the scope of this project as being 'just' a map, it's easy enough to prep things for their inclusion and run off a suggested list of things to include :nerd:
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By AsylumDreams
#168294 Hmm.
Can't believe I took a full week's hiatus.
Sorry about that.
I'll be dropping the final batch within a few hours.
Few personal real-life hiccoughs came up.
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By AsylumDreams
#168910 Poll list completed and updated with results.
Time has been spent mapping out the order of build contests / working out what we'll need.
For the attentive, you can be rewarded with some slight extra build time - the primary build competition will revolve around the start town; for now named Mamelon.
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By AsylumDreams
#169133 The creation of the world is about to begin. Gathering together a team to form the landmass and discuss development.
Create topics / send me messages with your thoughts. Begin considering / creating buildings for the start town/