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By KingEzra123
#204789 i am building a water typ gym i have the structure set up in my head maybe someone can help me with a design and moveset for the pokemon i will use in the gym heres what i had in mind and rules
Rule one: One Mega on your team
Rule 2 one dynamax/Gigantamax pokemon
Rule 3 1 zmove user
Rule 4: Level Cap is at 50
Rule 5: Must be a full battle
Zombie Gyarados (item Wacan berry or whatever the name of the berry that weakens electric moves)
Gigantamax Dreadnaw (item: Rindo Berry or whatever the berry's name that weakens grass moves)
Mega Sharpedo (item: Sharpedoite)
Starmie (item: Waterium Z)
Feraligatr (item: Life Orb)
Palkia (item: Lustrous Orb)