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By Mercury2C
#204945 TEAM:

Gyarados @Focus Sash/Life Orb Jolly 252 SPE 252 ATK Stone edge, Waterfall, Avalanche, Iron Head
Primarina @Choice Specs Modest 252 SPA 252 DEF Scald, Ice beam, Moonblast, Energy ball
Ferrothorn @Leftovers RELAXED (Important nature) 252 DEF 252 ATK Power whip, Gyro ball, Substitute, Protect
Rhydon @Eviolite Adamant 252 ATK 252 DEF Rock slide, Avalanche, Poison Jab, Superpower
Blaziken @Blazikenite Adamant 252 ATK 252 SPE High jump kick, Poison jab, Rock slide, Protect
Aegislash @Focus Sash BRAVE (important nature) 252 ATK 252 HP Gyro ball, Close Combat, Rock Slide, Shadow Sneak


I'm going to assume he has a Mega Rayquaza lead.

You're going to lead with Gyarados to intimidate him. His best option is to nuke you with dragon ascent. Don't attack, instead swap immediately to Primarina. The dragon ascent will be negated by her fairy typing. The rayquaza will have to swap or hit you with an extreme speed/Earthquake. neither should OHKO you because of the intimidate from Gyarados. choice spec'd Primarina with Ice Beam should OHKO the rayquaza. He's most likely going to swap into Clefable/Xernias/Greninja. Let Primarina go down, Swap into Ferrothorn.

Clefable/Xernias: Substitute--> Protect--> Gyro Ball-->Gyro Ball etc.
Greninja: Power whip-->Power whip etc.

They will most likely swap into Ho-oh and then nuke ferrothorn afterwards. Let Ferrothorn go down and swap into your gyarados to get the intimidate once more and pray to land a stone edge. If you don't land stone edge swap into your Rhydon. Spam rock slide. You can survive an earthquake with the eviolite and attack drop. You could also swap into Blaziken and rock slide.

They will then be left with Tyranitar and either Greninja, Clefable, or Xernias.

Let Gyarados go down, then swap to mega blaziken in all four scenarios.
Greninja: Protect--> Hi-jump-kick
Clefable: Poison Jab
Xernias:Poison Jab

I'm going to go out on a limb and say they're running a broken asf geomancy xernias. let whatever you have go down and swap into your aegislash and gyro ball. should OHKO.

thanks for the fun challenge! really hope this works out for you!
By PoryGoshua
#205138 I know this is a little late, but I couldn't help noticing that, since Dragon Ascent is a Flying-type move (despite the name), I don't think Primarina's Fairy-type is going to do much against it. Otherwise, it looks pretty sound from my non-competitive perspective!
By Yomepha
#205281 Team: Wobuffet (Sash)
Chansey 252 SpDef
Mega Scizor
Movesets: Wobuffet: Encore// Counter// Mirror Coat //Destiny Bound @Focus Sash
Chansey: Toxic// Heal Bell//Seismic Toss//Softboiled @Eviolite
Gligar: Toxic //Roost// Knock Off //Defog @Eviolite
Mega Scizor: Bullet Punch//Swords Dance//Roost//Knock Off @Scizorite
Aegislash:Iron Head// Swords Dance// King's Shield// Shadow Claw @Leftovers
Azumarill: Belly Drum// Aqua Jet// Play Rough// Knock Off @NormaliumZ

Wobbuffet can easily take down mega rayquaza with a counter, taking the biggest problem out of his team, Chansey can easily deal with greninja and xerneas destroying them with seismic toss and toxic, Gligar can easily deal with ho-oh and tyranitar with his toxic and seismic toss , without taking too much damage Mega Scizor can revenge kills with its powerful bullet punch and aegislash can finish clefable in 2 simple hits of iron head and if you can't get scizor it's there to finish it with bullet punch