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By Spoodaber
#195658 I got a whimsicott and was wondering if i should build it offense or defense and what team i should build around it becuse i wanna have a team built around whimsicott
By CritsAreFair
#196367 Whimsicott is almost purely a support Pokemon that can be quite hard to fit into a team. It offers almost nothing to stall and very little to most offensive archetypes, and its rather low stats outside of its Speed (which isn't even as relevant as it should be thanks to Prankster) means that it's essentially relegated to being a status annoyer. Admittedly it's rather good at it, with Prankster Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Substitute, Taunt, Encore, Memento, and other various status moves.

Whimsicott also works as a decent anti-lead I find, as it's able to Taunt common leads such as Azelf and Aerodactyl and is one of the relatively few things that can out-Taunt Sableye, thanks to being a faster Prankster. I've used this set before, and it works great as a pivot in the early-mid game. In addition, when his usefulness has expired, he can use Memento to give a teammate a fantastic set-up opportunity, so pairing him with Pokemon who can take advantage of this such as Cloyster or Dragonite is recommended.

Whimsicott @ Leftovers
Bold - Prankster
252 HP, 252 Defence, 4 Sp. Def
-Stun Spore

Bear in mind that using Whimsicott as a pivot actually relies on facing up against more skilled opponents who might switch their Pokemon out of a predicted Stun Spore, allowing you to grab momentum with U-Turn. Against lesser skilled opponents who don't switch, pivotting with Whimsicott is not nearly as effective. He's definitely a harder Pokemon to use than something like Serperior, but he does have a niche in access to Prankster and the ability to pivot with U-Turn and create set-up opportunities with Memento.

Alternatively you could unleash your inner cancer Nazi and run a dEnIsSsS Baton Pass team, but doing so would require you to sacrifice your soul to Satan.