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By GodPlazer
#195302 Hey!
I wanted to train some good water-ground pokemon, and I can't decide if it should be Swampert, Whishcash or Quagsire. I'd like to try IV breeding, so Swampert wouldn't be the easiest one as i would need to catch few of them (and his rarer (more rare?) than others) and he has low chance of being female. Quagsire seems to be nice, but i don't really like his low speed.

@Edit: Maybe I could use Quagsire with something that knows Trick Room? That propably could work.
By Skipkan
#195319 Quagsire is the best one, for me.. But you have to find one with a hidden ability, seems to be harder than to breed swampert... There is no reason to use it instead of swampert if it does not have unaware.
Swampert is a quite good bulky attacker and whiscash a sub-average satup sweeper, depends on what does your team need... Whiscash is a bad pokémon.