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By realsuperluke7
#191803 I was thinking of running a team of Lucario, Tyranitar, Seadra, Sabeleye, Moltres and Metagross. I have no idea what moves or held items to equip them with. Any changes to the team you would make/ movesets? It would be very helpful, thanks. :-D
By CritsAreFair
realsuperluke7 wrote:I was thinking of running a team of Lucario, Tyranitar, Seadra, Sabeleye, Moltres and Metagross. I have no idea what moves or held items to equip them with. Any changes to the team you would make/ movesets? It would be very helpful, thanks. :-D

I'll assume you meant Kingdra instead of Seadra.

First of all, the presence of Moltres on your team will mandate a Rapid Spin user, at least against competent opponents. Stealth Rock will instantly strip him of half his health just by switching in. Luckily the rest of your team isn't particularly weak to Stealth Rock, so you could actually replace him with something better anyways.

Tyranitar can pull off a couple good sets, however given the presence of Lucario and Metagross on your team I think a support set will be ideal. Try this.

Tyranitar @ Leftovers / Chople Berry
Careful - Sand Stream
252 HP, 252 Sp. Def, 4 Attack
-Stealth Rock
-Stone Edge
-Pursuit / Crunch
-Thunder Wave

Tyranitar sets up Stealth Rock and spreads paralysis while threatening Ghosts with Pursuit, opening the way for a possible Lucario sweep later in the game.

That brings me to the next issue. Lucario, Tyranitar, and Metagross don't synergize particularly well. Half your team is weak to Ground and your only switchin is 4x weak to Rock. To start, I'd recommend replacing Moltres with Skarmory.

Skarmory @ Leftovers
Impish - Sturdy
248 HP, 236 Defence, 24 Speed
-Brave Bird
-Spikes / Toxic

Skarmory and Tyranitar form a remarkably solid core together, able to take on a good number of the metagame's common threats.

However, Metagross still synergizes poorly with Lucario and Skarmory, as they all share Steel typing, leaving you quite weak to threats such as Infernape. I would recommend replacing Metagross with Dragonite. You already have Skarmory to handle any Dragon that isn't mixed DD Salamence or Rain Kingdra (both of which Dragonite can beat 1v1 if it's at full HP), so stacking Dragons doesn't actually hurt your team's synergy much.

You need to keep in mind, however, that Tyranitar's Sand Stream will break Dragonite's Multiscale, so you should only bring him in after a KO, or even better, after Kingdra uses Rain Dance and hopefully removes his checks. Stealth Rock will also break Multiscale, but seeing as Defog doesn't yet have its 6th gen functionality in Pixelmon, there isn't really a solution I can offer to that without further altering your team. Once it does work, I'd recommend using it as Skarmory's 4th move.

Here's a Dragonite set.

Dragonite @ Lum Berry.
Jolly - Multiscale
252 Speed, 252 Attack, 4 Defence
-Earthquake / Fire Punch
-Dragon Dance

Kingdra should ideally run a Rain sweeper set, as it can apply great offensive pressure to Dragonite's checks (Skarmory, Mamoswine, etc).

Kingdra @ Life Orb
Modest - Swift Swim
28 HP, 252 Sp. Atk, 228 Speed
-Draco Meteor
-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam / Scald
-Rain Dance

Sableye doesn't really fit in well on this team either, but I've already suggested two changes so I won't make any more. If you were going to run Sableye I'd recommend it be this set.

Sableye @ Leftovers
Impish - Prankster
252 HP, 252 Defence, 4 Sp. Def
-Foul Play / Night Shade

You could, if you wish, try using a different Ghost in his place, such as Gengar. Sableye is more of a support Pokemon that fits in on Stall teams.

Now we get to Lucario. Since Kingdra's role is primarily to open holes in the opposing team for Dragonite to sweep, I wouldn't really count him as a wincon, and I like to have at least two wincons on any offensive team I build, so I'd recommend running a Sword's Dance set on Lucario.

Lucario @ Life Orb / Focus Sash
Jolly - Justified
252 Speed, 252 Attack, 4 Sp. Def
-Sword's Dance
-Close Combat
-Crunch / Ice Punch

This set is great at mopping up slower balanced and stall teams late-game when his checks have been weakened or removed.

After the changes I proposed, your team may still struggle with a few physical walls, such as Skarmory and Gliscor, as Kingdra is really your only reliable answer to them. However, interestingly enough, Lucario can muscle past Skarmory in a 1v1 situation (+2 252 Atk Life Orb Lucario Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Skarmory: 257-304 (76.9 - 91%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery), and Dragonite can do severe damage to it with Fire Punch if you choose to run it, although it will probably be phased out in the process. Gliscor is a pain in the ass as it can stall most of your team out with Toxic + Substitute + Roost, however Sableye can shut it down with Taunt and Kingdra utterly destroys it, Rain or no Rain. Alternatively, Gengar can shut down both of those threats, as well as offering more offensive presence than Sableye.