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By Ayyavazi
#174666 Hello all,

I'm really new to competitive battling, and could use some help building a team for a gym on my server. I'm the Steel Gym Leader, so the team needs 6 steel-type pokemon.

Also, none of them can be above level 35, except for one (at 36, which I figure will be Empoleon, but I'm open to suggestions).

I am able to trade as necessary in the event a pokemon requires a trade evolution. I also have all of the TM's, so that shouldn't be a problem. I also should have at least one of just about every held item.

I've spent time reviewing the competitive battling guide on this site and have begun reviewing others, but I'm still not sure I'll build the right team with the right moves. Any suggestions?



P.S. the team I was considering using was:

Empoleon 36
Lucario 35
Scizor 32
Metang 34
Lairon 34
Magnezone 33
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By Ayyavazi
#174714 Hello Aaron,

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately I don't give out the server IP to people I don't know personally, unless I'm hiring a builder. The server is very small (6 players) so nobody has accepted yet. If it gets big enough or develops enough infrastructure, I might open it up.

I've considered including Pawniard (Bisharp evolves at too high a level) or Bastiodon, but I'm unsure what they'd bring to the team composition.

For those interested in helping, I'll be working up a moves list, but would like suggestions since I'm new to this. Same goes for EV loadouts.

Thanks again,

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By Rasgnarok
#178194 I am personally really partial on Magnezone, simply because of that extra turn to set Magnet Rise, and its slowness.

I'd recommend Steelix or Forretress, but then again, that double fire-weakness on the latter bothers a lot, paired with Scizor on your team.
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By BunsenGyro
#178464 I'm gonna give this a shot.

Empoleon is a good strongest-Pokemon choice, both practically and as a gym battle; I feel like many in-game gym leaders use a Pokemon or two that counters a particular weakness -- in this case, Empoleon could handle the Ground and Fire types that threaten all or most of your team. Giving it Surf is a no-brainer. Can't go wrong with Earthquake, either. If you're allowed to give Pokemon held items, consider maybe giving it Leftovers.

Lucario is a good option, as well. Moveset options are pretty obvious, here. Consider Force Palm if you aren't already; not only would it allow you to attack perhaps a specially-defensive Pokemon for better damage, but also its chance to paralyze is nothing to sneeze at. Also, give it Dark Pulse; your other Pokemon don't seem to have a very strong answer to Psychic-type Pokemon. As for an item, a Life Orb could be a good idea.

Scizor is a great one to use. Give it Bullet Punch and X-Scissor, maybe Swords Dance, and generally let Scizor do what Scizor does best. An Occa Berry could let it stand up to a Fire type move.

Metang is a decent choice, I suppose. I don't think it's really -excellent- until it evolves into Metagross, though. Nonetheless, if you plan on using it, give it Hone Claws; not only does this increase its Attack, but it gives it better accuracy; the best move it has access to at this point, Zen Headbutt, has only 90% accuracy, and that could screw you over. Thunder Punch could also offer type coverage over Water-type Pokemon that it can't resist moves from.
Honestly? I think Foretress is a much better Pokemon to go with, in this scenario. Let it be your lead Pokemon, and let it do what it does best: set up Stealth Rock, maybe some Spikes as well. You can either have it then use Explosion to go out with a bang into an actual Pokemon to fight with, or you can use that move slot for Rapid Spin to remove your opponent's traps if they try using them against you. The final move slot could go to Gyro Ball -- can't go wrong, really. Give it a Sitrus Berry for longevity, since your Scizor already would be using an Occa Berry, and honestly I can't imagine most opponents -starting- with a Fire type Pokemon, considering most Steel types have a secondary type advantageous against them.

Lairon can be a solid option, for sure. Make sure to give it an Air Balloon, giving it immunity to a nasty Earthquake for at least one turn. (Note that Stealth Rock would pop the Air Balloon, if your side has rocks on the field) Iron Head is a no-brainer move to give it. Also consider Rock Slide, a solid STAB rock-type move; if you do, I'd recommend again Hone Claws, for its Attack and accuracy boost. For the final move slot, consider Sandstorm; all your Pokemon are immune to its damaging effect, and it gives Lairon a 50% Special Defense boost, which could possibly assist in survival against a Water-type move. Though, if Water types prove especially threatening to your team, consider giving someone else -- like Foretress -- Sandstorm, to have it set up before Lairon enters the field.

Finally, Magnezone. A sort of favorite of mine, way back in Gen V, I consider this a great choice. Definitely give it Thunderbolt or possibly Discharge, to trade a bit of firepower for a greater chance of Paralysis. Flash Cannon is a solid second moveslot option. As for your other options -- consider mayyyybe Magnet Rise? It wouldn't be a BAD idea, but I have a feeling that because it's so slow it might be too late by the time it uses it -- and Lairon's already using the Air Balloon. If you decide not to give it Magnet Rise, giving it a Shuca Berry to reduce Ground-type damage could let it get in a Flash Cannon on a Golem using Earthquake for super-effective damage. I dunno if Charge Beam appeals to you, with its 90% accuracy, but it can definitely let Magnezone snowball you into a victory, I won't deny the possibility. Another move option could be Thunder Wave, to guarantee crippling an opponent or two before it goes down, giving the rest of your team a better time -- perhaps letting your Scizor or Lairon set up a Swords Dance or Hone Claws more easily, for instance.

That's my input. Let me know what you think!

(P.S. I would totally be down to join this server of yours, if you guys are willing. I've been trying to play Pixelmon with a small group of friends or friendly acquaintances on my private server, but haven't kept their interest for longer than a couple days.)
By Mosapotayis
#181540 Hey you have a pretty cool team, here are some advice that I think would definitely improve it.
- Skarmory, your team needs some kind of Pokemon that resists ground type moves and currently you have none. So I think it'd be great to pick this Pokemon up for your team. I suggest replacing the Lairon with Skarmory.
- Run Lucario with a physical moves, Lucario has great physical coverage so you should be able to get some moves that will do well againts your counters (Ice Punch, Earthquake).
- Lead Magnezone with Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Reflect & X.

Hope this helps.