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By LilyDynamite15
#206087 Hi all! as the heading suggests I am in the process of giving new life to Pixelmon Conquest and in doing so I need your help!

As of right now I'm running things solo on my server, but with personal aspects of my life picking up I need a few sets of extra hands to help get Conquest back onto it's feet!

I'm looking for:
Helpers/ moderators to help answer questions players may have. MUST be knowledgeable of pixelmon and basic in game functions/workings!
Texture creators/ possible gym leaders (this is in the works)/ artists with various backgrounds. We're looking to amp up our custom textures as well as add new levels to our server to make us just that much more unique!
Detail oriented builders for exquisite design of gyms, communal spaces, and to give us that extra edge of a professionally composed server.

If any of this interests you, please feel free to contact me on discord at Lily#6380
Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to meeting some new faces!