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By Dragonblade45213

The link above takes you to my server address on another webiste and a link to my discord as well as what I am looking for.

This is what I posted.

This server I intend to make one of the best Pixelmon servers that there is. Currently it is fresh and new. I would like to get it set up and going to the public one day. Currently the people I need the most to help me accomplish this are builders, people who want to be gym leaders, want to be elite 4 members, mods, admins, helpers, etc... I need these kinds of people to apply like you are applying for a job almost. I won't be so critical as a employer but I would like to know who I am giving my trust to and if they are capable. The whole goal is to have fun relax and enjoy the Pixelmon(Pokemon) community anyways! So if you think you are qualified and have the time to do this please message me on here or I will have my discord below to start receiving messages and applications as well.
Thanks,Dragonblade :)

This is for my discord server here:

Thanks for anyone who applies :)
By guardianknight
#204076 hi dragonblade45213 i here you are looking for staff and i beleave that i can help you any way i can. the jobs that i would like to apply for the gym leaders part ,admins,and helper to all players job.The reason why you should chose me for those are that i now a lot about Pokemon and pixelmon for that reason also i can help the players with there quests and help them learn about pixelmon and minecraft as well. my real name is Auston lee Clark but you can call me auston and my minecraft account name is Guardainkight and my email account is http://[email protected] and im on Facebook as auston clark and i also have discord as well but i dont have a headset or mic to speck with people and yes my name has an o instead of an i in it because my mom wanted me to have one. you can use my email to message me if you need more info from me and i will haply to give it out to you if needed.
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