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By Siruss
#203787 I want to make a nice running server. Looking for experienced staff who can help me set one up. (I know just about nothing about plug-ins and such so if you are proficient with that, that would be super helpful! Thank you.) Feel free to contact me here! Have a great day.
By NoScopeGaming
#203826 If you still need help with plugins and stuff then I will gladly help in anyway possible. I have some knowledge of how this all works and my friend and I are currently doing this kind of thing with our modpack/modded server we are making. Sorry about any poor spellings that happened, I am in a bit of a rush typing.
By guardianknight
#204123 hi Siruss im applying for admin,gym leader and moderator and i also am a gym leader/mod for another pixelmon reforged server called pixelmon revived created by dragonblade. My name is Auston Lee Clark my game id is guardiankight i also have discord and Facebook name is auston clark and a YouTube channel as well but i dont have any way to make videos on there right now i know a lot about pixelmon reforge and Pokemon as well and if you pick me i will do my best to help your server grow just like im doing for dragon by seeing if any bugs pop up or see if any new updates have came out what i know about being an admin is they do with coding but im not good at that part but im good at watching players to see if they hack or cheating at the game like finding ways to get a round servers rules and scamming payers out of there money and or Pokemon.