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By betablanket
#203523 Pokestarz is now hiring people to help build and moderate the server!

What is Pokestarz?: Pokestarz is an up and coming Pixelmon server looking for cool people to be staff!
We are striving provide people with a great Pokemon hunting experience!

What am i looking for?: Anyone dedicated with time to play on the server and help build, and once we open come play on the server and help manage the day to day players and help out!

Why apply here?: Idk cause you wanna be cool and help

What ranks do you need?: Currently looking for Mods, Admins, Builders and Helpers to complete staff!

Where do i apply?: You can apply on our Discord: and message Beta to get started and apply

Well? What are you waiting for! Come join me and my fellow staff members in creating a great server with great people!