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By Frey
#203434 Brief Description of VanirMC:

VanirMC is a new Pixelmon server. We use Pixelmon Reforged. We have 8 Gyms, Elite4, and a Champion. The Elite4 and Champion will be decided by Tournaments. The gyms are still in the making but we have a couple out. We have friendly and helpful staff.

Our online stuff:


Gyms (and how to apply):

To apply for Helper go here: ... um/8541379

To apply for Gym-Leader go here: ... um/9020767

To apply for Sub-Leader go here: ... um/9020768

1. Grass Gym
LvL Cap: 20
Party Size: 3

2. Rock Gym
LvL Cap: 30
Party Size: 3

3. Water Gym
LvL Cap: 35
Party Size: 4

4. Flying Gym
LvL Cap: 40
Party Size: 4

5. Fire Gym
LvL Cap: 50
Party Size: 5

6. Ghost Gym
LvL Cap: 60
Party Size: 6

7. Ice Gym
LvL Cap: 65
Party Size: 6

8. Dragon Gym
LvL Cap: 70
Party Size: 6

Gym-Leader teams will not be usable outside of Gym battles. If a Gym-Leader or Sub-Leader does this please report them immediately. These teams are made by the Gym-Leaders but they do not work for them in-game. I spawn in the teams for them. If you do not receive a badge please contact the Gym-Leader as soon as possible to ask for it. You may only challenge a Gym-Leader or Sub-Leader 3 times a day unless they will allow you to keep battling them after that.
By guardianknight
#204113 hi Frey im applying for dragon gym leader and moderator and i also am a gym leader/mod for another pixelmon reforged server called pixelmon revived created by dragonblade. My name is Auston Lee Clark my game id is guardiankight i also have discord and Facebook name is auston clark and a YouTube channel as well but i dont have any way to make videos on there right now i know a lot about pixelmon reforge and Pokemon as well and if you pick me i will do my best to help your server grow just like im doing for dragon by seeing if any bugs pop up or see if any new updates have came out, my dragon team is 1 dragonite 2 kingdra 3 flygon 4 altaria 5 salamence 6 goodra with ability hydration