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By GuiteEmortal
#203410 The Vault - Pixelmon server is currently looking for a few people who love minecraft & Pixelmon to help build public areas. Being as the server is Owned by my wife and Administrated by myself we are strapped for cash as we are paying out of pocket for the host. Builders just have to be ready and willing to build.

As compensation for building for the server your account will be whitelisted so that you can log in if the server is at capacity, bonus /home commands and awarded a Shiny Pokemon of your choice
- Builders get Credit on the project page and in-game via hologram signs.

Public Zones include but are not limited to:
  • Spawn town
  • Gyms
  • Event Zones
  • Parkour Challenges
  • Mazes

You can Direct Message me on Discord: Guite Emortal#1879
You can also send me a message here on the forums.