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By Mysticaler
#200091 Hey guys! My name is Mysticaler (Call me Mysti! :D )

Some facts about me! I'm currently looking to assist a budding or growing server in need of staff members! I'm 20 years old and I've been playing minecraft for a little over 5 years and pixelmon since early 2014. In that time i've gained a lot of experience within server communities and also experience in working with server owners as a gym leader and as an admin. For 8 months I worked closely with the server owner of "Mavina's pixelmon" an averagely popular server where I started out working as a gym leader and slowly worked my way up the ranks into admin.

What experience do I have within minecraft servers? Within those 8 months I gained experience with handling player conflicts, player requests, competitions, ban-appeals, gym and elite four applications as well as Administration and Moderator applications. I learnt the proper etiquette towards how situations should be handled so that they don't escalate or deteriorate into worse problems and how to professionally work with other admins and moderators to ensure a fun and enjoyable atmosphere is achieved within the game world.

Alright! You're pretty cool, what position were you looking for? Idealistically, I'd love to help out a server as an Administrator or Moderator but am also content with starting out in a small position (whether it's a gym leader or support staff) and working my way up the chain of command!

If you wish to contact me, please don't hesitate to contact me via Discord: Alkai#6272

I look forward to potentially working with you!


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By Siruss
#203789 Looking for someone to help me with developmental work to start my pixelmon server. PM me if interested.