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By Lugswo
#183456 Hey all, I'm Lugswo, and my goal is to create an adventure Pixelmon server unlike most others.

Many servers try to either copy a region from one of the main games or create a spin-off of a main Pokemon game. However, to me, that doesn't really appeal, so I have taken matters into my own hands. I would like to gather a team to create an original region based on exploration rather than story.

We have already made a custom world to build in (pictured below) and have marked out areas that will be cities, forests and more. Anyone can join, but builders are preferred. Even if you suck at building, there will be a job for you (making paths, laying redstone, flattening areas, etc).


The server is whitelisted for now, and all can apply using this application:

Minecraft IGN:
Building Experience:
Any Suggestions:
Anything Else:

Your applications will be looked over by myself and the rest of the staff team and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. I will PM you here on the Pixelmon forums whether you were accepted or not.

We will be mainly be using Discord as our form of communication. While Discord isn't necessary, it will definitely speed the process up. However, if you feel insecure about talking, you can always use Minecraft chat. Once you are accepted, I will PM you the link to join. Hope to see you there!

- Lugswo
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By purplesleeves
#183572 Minecraft IGN: Leftwizard
Building Experience: Ive built a tree gym and a castle gym same with pokecenters with two floors and just my houses not a lot lol
Skype Username (optional, and only used to send discord link but helps): goatsprm
Time Zone: US West
Any Suggestions: Tournaments for trainers add hidden areas on the map things like that a bad guy story line
About yourself: Im 16 and i have a pretty good amount of knowledge and pixelmon
Anything you think we should know: Nope thats it hope you guys accept me
By senseigroove
#183576 Minecraft IGN: Rasta_groove
Building Experience:since i started playing i have recent pics of builds if you wanna see
Skype Username (optional, but helps):senseigroove (but i have to reinstallit)
Time Zone: mountain
Any Suggestions:making a special place to
have battles,tourns,and ev training
Anything Else:ill be able to be on 70% of the day or more.
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By Dimensional
#183626 Minecraft IGN: Universal6
Building Experience: Advanced. Built complex hidden doors with lock switches. Can build command blocks for TP/teleport commands

Skype Username (optional, but helps): Dimensional
Time Zone: Central (GMT-6), though awake during the night

Any Suggestions: A maze would be fun to make, even though in the games you could see almost all of it. Would require a map for the user. Even for a teleport maze, similar to Saffron City gym.

Anything Else: I'm on Discord too. Building complex structures and systems are something I like to do on my free time. Been spending time making security systems and even traps, even finding a mod to replace the need for multiple command blocks, but still is enjoyable. :)
By FlamingAvalanche
#183635 Minecraft IGN: whiteviper678

Building Experience: Built 2 Gyms for a Pixelmon server, an underwater tunnel gym with trainers as an obstacle and a leaves maze with holes and cobwebs for the obstacle. Besides that, mostly just houses (tree, cave, and regular building) and a small town-like spawn. Most of my experience is condensed builds such as houses, but i can also work on larger, more open projects.

Skype Username (optional, but helps): I'd rather keep this to myself unless I'm made staff for privacy purposes. PM me on this site if I'm accepted.

Time Zone: Central (WI, USA)

Any Suggestions: If you're asking for suggestions for the server, I can't really offer anything as i haven't played on it yet.

Anything Else: I do have severe social anxiety so I probably won't use voice chat until I'm more comfortable with everyone. I'm 18 if that means anything, thinks zodiac signs mean nothing unless they work in your favor, and liked Deadpool before his movie.
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By Grimlock7
#183651 Minecraft IGN:GRIMLOCK7
Building Experience: I don't build much however if I have an idea or plan to work on I am decent builder, plus assigning me small tasks like placing roads or flattening area's I can do!
Skype Username (optional, but helps):mcbradplays
Time Zone: GMT +0 London
Any Suggestions: I can't offer a lot of suggestions since I have not been on server yet however I would recommend disabling WonderTrade if u are using it for when Server opens since it wouldn't fit into a Region type Pixelmon Server also it would be interesting if u restrict certain pokemon to specific areas like in real pokemon games where each pokemon has areas on the map they appear in and finally use NPC as Gym leaders not players because whilst this makes it more community based it means players are limited to doing Gym's when the leaders come online
Anything Else:I would love to help your server as much as I possibly can, this means not just as Builder but possibly as Moderator Staff for when Server Opens.
By LordLugh
#183726 Minecraft IGN: Lord_Lugh

Building Experience: I'm not to good at building but I don't mind simple tasks at all.

Skype Username (optional, but helps): taylorak1331

Time Zone: (UST -7) MST (UT, USA)

Any Suggestions: Maybe fun random Pokemon tournaments

Anything Else: I am on almost all day long and could be if needed.
By snowclause
#183770 Minecraft IGN : Atlantaclause

Building Experience : I was a Headbuilder for the Littlelizard and Tinyturtle pixelmon servers back in 2014 until they closed down. After which I moved onto helping a friend of mine build Christmas story maps for his Youtube channel (TheDiosCrew) and finally some smaller survival and creative builds in Minecraft for personal use.
I have experience in world edit and voxel sniper as well as some dabbling in both world painter and MCedit for terrain generation and terraforming, Although my main focus is exterior building.
Can''t do interiors, but willing to learn

Skype Username : Snowclause.

Time Zone: GMT

Any Suggestions: Perhaps some smaller islands to travel to will allow the players to venture further out and go to new places, these can contain custom spawns for specific pokemon that may be "rarer" or harder to catch

Anything Else: Keen, hard working individual who's reliable and experienced, However classes at Uni will take priority over building unfortunately (Gotta get those good grades =P )

Specifically on the Littlelizard and Tinyturtle servers I built the majority of Ground, Ghost and Dragon towns however I aided in the making of Bug and Fighting a fair bit, since then I have become a lot more diverse and experienced with my builds.